Texas BBQ dates back to the 1600's with the Caddo Indians, Spanish Shepards and the Mexican Barbacoa.

A southern version of pit BBQ came to Texas in the early 1800's  When black slaves cooked BBQ to celebrate the harvest on Texan cotton plantations before the Civil War. And Juneteenth, the holiday commemorating the freeing of the slaves in Texas has been celebrated with barbecue since 1865!

European meat smoking was brought to Central Texas by German and Czech butchers during an era of intense Germanic migration that began in the 1830s and reached its height around 1890. It was the black and Hispanic cotton pickers who began the tradition of eating that German smoked meat on a piece of butcher paper with nothing but crackers or pickles they could find on store shelves as accompaniments.

In the early 1900s, sanitation regulations changed the way barbecue could be cooked for public consumption. The earthen pits of Southern barbecue were abandoned and enclosed smokers modeled after those used by the German butchers in their meat markets were endorsed.