#1 Seller - Sweet and Slightly Spicy


Hog Waller BBQ Pork and Rib Rub is super sweet with a slight kick of heat from chipotle and cayenne peppers. This is our #1 selling BBQ Rub. Hog Waller was originally made for pork ribs, but we soon learned that it was great for all types of pork. In fact it is great on all BBQ meats. It has three types of sugar and a somewhat smoky flavor from the chipotle powder. The rubs work well for Competition BBQ cooks, where is generally used on Ribs and also works well for back yard BBQ. Many customers use it on grilled/smoked chicken. As we like to say, "Use it on everything but the squeal!". It's a customer favorite. All-Natural, No MSG, Gluten Free. Enjoy!

Flavor Profile: Sweet

Heat Level: Mild to Medium

Use on: Pork. Ingredients: Sea Salt, Turbinado Sugar, Brown Sugar, Chile Peppers & Spices. NO MSG. Naturally Gluten Free.
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Richer in flavor than traditional Teriyaki because we use real Italian Balsamic Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lower in salt that most Teriyaki sauces because we care about your health as well as making great sauces & marinades. You'll LOVE the hint of garlic with your perfect blend of ingredients. "Nothing beats salmon grilled in a crispy glaze of Bone Suckin' Yaki." - House & Garden Magazine. “#1 Teriyaki” - New York Daily News.

NON GMO, Gluten Free, No High Fructose Corn Syrup,Dairy Free, Kosher Certified, Pareve.
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1st Place Winner Battle of Sauces & Best in Sales in Winner's Circle

Western North Carolina tomato based sauce sweetened with honey & molasses #1 Newsweek Magazine! A+ HealthMagazine for being the best tasting!
Best seller in specialty stores, health food stores, grocery stores
& restaurants.

NON GMO, Gluten Free, No High Fructose Corn Syrup,
Dairy Free, Kosher Certified, Pareve.

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1 uvbq uppervalleybrewque bonesuckinsauce bbq bbqribs uppervalley newyork boston newengland chicken

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